Nena: Another gig canceled after the concert was canceled

Updated on 07/27/2021, 4:52 p.m.

  • A concert by Nena was canceled prematurely on Sunday evening after the singer railed against the prevailing hygiene regulations.
  • Another planned open-air concert by the singer in Wetzlar has now been canceled.
  • In a communication, the organizer emphasizes that “the concerts must not be used as a political stage”.

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That canceled concert on Sunday has for singer Chick first consequences. A concert planned for September as part of the “Strandkorb Open Air” series in Wetzlar has been canceled by the organizer. The organizer explains the step on Facebook.

“We, as the organizers of the Strandkorb Open Air – Wetzlar, canceled the concert with Nena on September 13 in agreement with the artist’s agency immediately after the recent events in Berlin,” it says there, and continues: “It was important to us and therefore also contractually agreed in advance that the concerts may not be used as a political stage. “

The organizers point out that Nena’s “attitude to the event format with the beach chairs” and the “corona-compliant” hygiene and safety concept did not match. “From the statements and the demeanor of the artist” one therefore distances oneself.

From spring 2022, Nena will go on tour in larger halls; further open-air performances are planned for this year. It remains to be seen whether other organizers will distance themselves.

Nena’s announcements caused an uproar

On Sunday evening, Nena caused a stir with a performance in Schönefeld in Brandenburg near BER airport. The open-air concert was ended before a possible encore – according to the report of the “Tagesspiegel” and several videos on Twitter, Nena had previously commented on the hygiene regulations.

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“I am threatened (…) that they will cancel the show because you do not go into your (…) boxes,” said Nena, according to the newspaper report and videos. “I leave it to your responsibility whether you do that or not. Everyone is free to decide, just as everyone is free to decide whether or not to be vaccinated.”

According to the local administration, there was “no order from the public order office, but a decision by the organizer to end the concert after the main program was over”. “That was around 9:45 p.m. before the encore,” said Hilmar Ziegler, head of the Public order office responsible department of the community of Schönefeld.

There were employees of the public order office on site, but they were not authorized to make such far-reaching decisions, said Ziegler on Monday. Events such as concerts are currently only allowed to take place in Schönefeld until 10 p.m. anyway. “There is an order for that.”

Nena: “Get me down here with the police”

“Everyone is welcome at my place. Okay?” The whole thing is “politicized”. “And that’s just utterly annoying.” On Christopher Street Day it was completely okay “that 80,000 people were close together on the street”. “So turn off the power or get me down here with the police. (…) I’m fed up with it.”

Nena has in the Pandemic caused discussions several times. In March, she published a video on Instagram with the title “Thank you Kassel” after thousands of people in the city took to the streets against the Corona containment measures.

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Already in October Nena had with a post on Instagram sparked discussions about possible conspiracy theories, but emphasized that she does not want to be understood as a corona denier. “I have my deep faith in God. That is why my trust comes in life. And I have my common sense, which breaks down the information and the scare tactics that pour in from the outside into all its individual parts,” wrote the singer, who lived in Hamburg at the time . (dh / dpa)

A video on the Instgaram channel by pop singer Nena is headed with the words “Thank you Kassel”. Does the 60-year-old show solidarity with the lateral thinker movement?


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