Netanyahu mobilizes more than 300,000 reservists: "What Hamas will experience will be harsh"

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Challenged from the north (Lebanon) with projectiles and the penetration of a commando and hit from the south (Gaza Strip) with an unprecedented attack against its rear, Israel carries out its most forceful offensive against the Islamist group Hamas in a Palestinian enclave that returns to its worst – and there were not a few – days of suffering, mourning and hopelessness.

The spokesman for the armed wing of HamasAbu Oveida, threatened to publicly execute an Israeli civilian hostage for each unannounced bombing of civilians in Gaza.

The mobilization of more than 300,000 reserviststhe isolation of Gaza and the bombings, with an intensity five times greater than that used against Hezbollah in the 2006 war to leave Hamas without the capacity or motivation to attack it again, mark the first steps of Israel’s reaction to the murder of more than 900 people and the kidnapping of another 150 in an attack that marks a before and after not only for the kibutzim taken in a bloody manner several hours by Hamas but for the entire country. “Israel will no longer be the same,” many repeat.

In 2007, the fundamentalist movement took control of Gaza. In 2023, he may lose it after his greatest achievement that also provokes the greatest Israeli blow on the Gazans. In three days of Israeli bombs and fighting, almost 700 Palestinians have died while some 120,000 left their homes to take refuge in facilities of the HIM.

The third day of the war began with clashes between Israeli soldiers and militiamen 48 hours after the infiltration of a thousand Hamas troops and continued with the launching of projectiles against Israel and bombs in Gaza. “I have ordered a complete closure of Gaza. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel. We are fighting animals and we will respond accordingly,” announced Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, denouncing Hamas attacks that included cold executions.

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