Netflix accidentally published a real phone number. The owner is facing thousands of calls

Women suggest buying the number.

The creators of the South Korean series Squid Game mistakenly published the actual phone number directly on the screens. The news is devoted portal Mothership.

The woman whose number belonged had nothing to do with this series. Nevertheless, she fell victim to several thousand phone calls. According to the creators of Squid Game, the contact in the title should have belonged to a character played by Korean actor Gong Yoo.

He does not want to change the number

When Netflix learned of his mistake, he announced that he would contact the owner of the phone number and resolve the situation. However, the only effective solution was to change the contact, which was not appropriate for the person in question. He has been using the number for over 20 years, even in his business.

The owner rejected the change despite the fact that the company offered her one million South Korean won (approximately 723.57 euros), and later five million won (approximately 3,617.84). According to the production team of the series, they try to discuss the problem with the person in question.

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Politician Huh Kyung Young, who is currently running for president in the upcoming presidential election in the Republic of Korea, is also interested in buying the phone number. It offers the owner 100 million won (approximately 72,356.81 euros).

(1 EUR = 1 382,04 KRW)

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