Netflix and Hulu will not be part of the Apple video service: Bloomberg


Apple's video streaming service will be announced on March 25, along with a news service.

Óscar Gutiérrez / CNET

Apple expects to have its alliance with HBO, Showtime and Starz aimed to add its content in the video service which will announce March 25, according to Bloomberg.

Some of these contracts, says Bloomberg, will be finalized Friday of this week, although Netflix and Hulu, two important players in the video content of Streaming, they are not within the companies that will offer their series and films to Apple, at least at launch.

The report states that Apple needs the content of these distributors because their content is under development and is not yet ready to come hand in hand with the new platform. Furthermore, Bloomberg states that during the March 25th event Apple could provide more details on Apple Pay and new features, tools that would have paved the way for a rumor credit card with the apple

The Bloomberg report provides more details on the functionality of the video service. According to media reports, the new service would be integrated into the TV application available for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. The app offers two types of content: the content created by Apple and that of other companies such as HBO or Showtime (Showtime is a subsidiary of CBS, the parent company of CNET in Spanish).

Apple will also announce a subscription-based news, newspaper and magazine service in that event. The service, says Bloomberg, will work similarly to Texture, an app that Apple purchased in 2017. Apple may offer a discount to users who subscribe to two or more of their services, including this pair to be announced in a few weeks.

Apple has not commented on Bloomberg.

Apple's loud service promises to give Apple a break before its mobile phones fall. According to analyst estimates, the service could Accumulate 100 million users in its first three years, generating between 7,000 million US dollars and 10,000 million US dollars on the Tim Cook exchange.

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