Netflix details its plan to conquer video games, and Ubisoft will be key in it – Mighty Quest Rogue Palace

The company announces a handful of new games and believes that the secret is in “the variety”.

Controversies aside with the end of shared accounts, no one can doubt that Netflix is ​​already one of the titans of the entertainment industry, billing more than 30,000 million dollars in recent years. Such a figure, until now, has been achieved with its commitment to cinema and television series, but since 2022 it has also his eyes on video games.

Is it a passing whim? If it is, it does not seem so from the numbers that the company has shared: “we have released 55 games, there are 40 more planned for this year and another 70 in development by our partners. And to all that we must add the 16 games that we are developing in our studios”.

“Our objective is have a catalog of games as diverse as possible, both when it comes to genres and formats, because we believe that everyone can have fun playing if they discover a title (or several!) to their liking. This year we will continue to expand our catalog every month with game releases: ‘indie’ gems, famous titles, role-playing games, narrative adventures, puzzle games and much more. In order to bring you all this content, we are collaborating with the world’s leading studios.”

These first months of the year we have already been able to enjoy Netflix’s interest in the world of gaming with Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, better than almost the entire war catalog of the platform. This is the first of three Ubisoft developments that can be played exclusively through the video-on-demand service. The next is Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, “a ‘roguelite’ genre game set in the wacky universe.” Also, Monument Valley 1 and Monument Valley 2 are coming soon and there is work being done with Super Evil Megacorp (Vainglory) on an exclusive based on an upcoming Netflix release.

March video games for Netflix

But for these, we will still have to wait a while to be able to play them or, directly, to know some details about their premise or what they will deal with. For this month of March there are a couple of news that Netflix wanted to remember:

  • Highwater (ya disponible). “Travel a boat through a flooded world as a humble survivor, save your friends, battle insurgents and steal food – all while trying to find out if the rumors are true. Will you make it to the evacuation rocket in this evocative adventure with an exciting plot?
  • Terra Nil (available March 28). “In this tranquil reverse city-building game, you’ll transform a barren wasteland into a thriving ecosystem teeming with life. Plant vast forests, purify the land, and clean up pollution from the seas to turn a devastated environment into an ecological paradise” .

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