Netflix’ Edgerunners brings renewed flow to Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077 It’s getting interesting again: With currently almost 90,000 simultaneous Steam players, the game is enjoying growing popularity.

A return to Cyberpunk 2077

While the number is a far cry from the more than a million people who played the game after it launched on PC, it’s higher than last year. Why is that? Well, one needn’t really look for a reason: On September 13th, the game’s anime spin-off, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, premiered on Netflix to critical acclaim and received praise for its story, world-building, and animation. The series has one of the highest audience ratings for a Netflix production. And after her Edgerunners have seen many people enter Cyberpunk 2077 a second chance or pick it up for the first time. Either way, the team behind the game is of course delighted:

Does that sound familiar to you? Well, CDPR has benefitted from Netflix before. In 2019 was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt briefly more popular than it did after its release in 2015, thanks to the popularity of its Netflix counterpart. It will be interesting to see if Cyberpunk 2077 can maintain its current momentum. At least on current-gen PC and consoles, the RPG is a different game than it was when it launched in 2020. Recent 1.5 and 1.6 updates took care of many of the persistent bugs and stability issues that plagued the game at launch. CD Projekt Red also recently released official modding tools and announced that Phantom Liberty, the game’s first major expansion, would arrive in 2023. Very cool CDPR!

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