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Quality is of course also objective, what I require (and see as quality in a series) is certainly not what anyone else thinks. Even Kim Kardashian’s content can be of poor quality in your opinion (I follow you in that by the way) but that doesn’t mean that all those 256 million followers think so or have no insight into what quality is.

In fact, quality and entertaining can also be far apart, for example, a series does not have to be qualitatively (still objectively) very well put together to be liked and therefore to get a lot of views.

It’s objective indeed, but the average person on this planet watches reality or talk shows, which isn’t wrong, but it does showcase the low-key level of entertainment they consume. When I look at the TV shows in the Netherlands, I think to myself: “Why would anyone waste their time on this?” — but well apparently there is an audience for it.

In the end, reality is not what one considers objective, but numbers. You don’t think Bridgerton and Kim offer quality, a viewer of those things might kick Chernobyl directly into the ground..

The figures give a distorted picture, if you look at the ratings of Bridgerton you expect a series that is highly regarded by the fans and that this is frequently reviewed on the largest TV series sites, but in reality that is not the case.

Rotten Tomatoes (fan score): 72% – 1581 votes
IMDB: 7.3 – 88,026 votes
Metacritic: 5.5 – 77 votes
Amount of votes: 89.684

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The Witcher:
Rotten Tomatoes (fan score): 91% – 20,218 votes
IMDB: 8.2 – 349,702 votes
Metacritic: 7.3 – 3476 votes
Amount of votes: 373.396

So a series that attracts 8%~ more viewers has something like 76%~ fewer votes on these websites and also gets a lower average rating. In my view this is already a ‘red flag’, a series that attracts so much audience but receives relatively few votes is apparently not something that attracts a fanatic series viewer.

Bottom line, more people are watching Bridgerton because they seem to like it or even simply because the audience on Netflix is ​​bigger for that series than the ones you all mention 🙂

Ultimately you have to look at what you want, even among the best series (qualitatively speaking) there will be something that you don’t like at all. For example The Expanse if you’re not into sci-fi to name a few.

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