“Netflix lowered 50 billion tacos”: Arturo Elías generates controversy

  • Arturo Elías Ayub is part of Grupo Carso, the company that owns Claro Video, a content platform that competes with Netflix in Mexico.

  • Arturo Elías’s comparison between tacos and the value of Netflix is ​​an exercise with which he sought to warn in a simple way, the loss of value of the company from Gatos, California.

  • Netflix’s subscriber projection had been growing from 2003 to the last quarter of 2021.

Arthur Elijah Ayub
did an interesting exercise, where with imaginary tacos of 20 pesos each, explained the loss recorded by Netflix in your latest financial report.

The millionaire and member of Grupo Carso, the consortium that owns Claro Video (a service that somehow competes with Netflix in Mexico), was in New York when he said he was surprised by the drop in the share value of Netflixwhen its investors repelled that the platform reported a loss of subscribers, despite the fact that there was no loss in income.

“Let’s assume that a taco is worth 20 pesos, well, you could buy 50 billion tacos with what Netflix downloaded, you could buy six tacos for each person who lives in the world”explained Arthur Elijah Ayub.

Within his TikTok account, where he published this example, the controversy was immediate from those who made fun of his comparison, asking him to explain the loss of Netflix with “picafresas”, even those who were more daring and asked him to make the conversion to necks, a very famous snack in Mexico that uses this part of the chicken.

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The evolution of Netflix over time

The growth that Netflix had maintained since 2003 in its number of subscribers did not give the platform any clues that a contraction was coming, at least this company found its comfort zone in the face of positive projections and did not act by preparing an eventual competition, which would snatch users to your business.

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Platform figures reveal that while in the first quarter of 2003 it already had more than 34 million, by 2021 (Q3) this figure shot up to just over 221.84 million. In the first quarter of 2022 this figure contracted to 221.64.

Within the United States, according to a projection by Whip Media, Netflix dominates as the favorite streaming platform, however, the market share is strongly fought by Disney + and Amazon Prime.

Netflix loses 50 billion tacos

The idea of ​​comparing the loss of Netflix in the stock market with tacos is a case that is not wasted and if an interesting explanation, of how the interest in streaming has escalated due to new business patterns.

This idea of Elías exemplifying in a practical way what Netflix lost as an equity brand, It is part of the interest shown by many entrepreneurs, to get the consumer to join a stock market culture, which has very dramatic cases such as Netflix, but also guidelines that today reveal how important it is to join the stock market.

The educational entrepreneur

Arturo Elías Ayub’s idea of ​​comparing Netflix’s losses with tacos is an example that explains how bold the value of a brand is in the stock market and how volatility is at the door of every participant in this market.

There is no doubt that very important activities have been defined that are not wasted in the market, but if they realize how valuable communication with the consumer has become, in order to make them join a culture of information in this stock market, each more and more popular in the market.

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