Entertainment Netflix reveals 10 secrets of “House of Money”

Netflix reveals 10 secrets of “House of Money”

Nairobi should be called: Netflix reveals 10 secrets of “House of Money”

Three years ago, “House of Money” became a Netflix hit in general. The Spanish series has even managed to become the internationally most viewed non-English language production. Season four has recently been released, and fans have been waiting eagerly for it. The series is of course still listed in the top 10 list.

Creator Álex Pina has already revealed that his story continues with several bank robberies including hostage-taking. At least one season should still be produced, even voices about a spin-off are already loud. Netflix has now uploaded a video on Instagram that reveals facts about the series that only very few knew before. The streaming giant writes: “I had to cry on fact 6.” Here we show you what new details will be revealed.

Where does the title of the series come from?

Netflix notes that the production is internationally known by the title “Money Heist”. “But originally it was called ‘Los Desahuciados’, which in Spanish means something like ‘The Hopeless’.” This title had been changed to “The Paper House”, as the Spanish series is called. For Germany, “House of Money” is a fairly accurate translation of “La casa de papel”.

As Nairobi, Oslo or Moscow should actually be called

Nairobi, Moscow or Oslo are among the title heroes. Even if one or the other person no longer exists, they continue to play a role in the series of successes. But the city names with which the figures identify themselves almost never existed. Netflix reveals: «Moscow was originally Chernobyl, Nairobi was originally Cameroon, Oslo was originally Valencia.» One or the other may have noticed that the cities “have been preserved in the series as plan code names”. “Then we activate the Chernobyl plan,” said Berlin once.

Tokyo almost never existed as a narrator

Tokyo has been acting as the narrator since season one and explains the events from her perspective. But that was not really the way it was intended. Netflix says: «According to the creator, the professor was originally supposed to be the narrator of this series, but then they found the first-person narrative of his own plan too narcissistic. » So they quickly decided on an alternative that worked. Because Tokyo is one of the most popular characters in the format. “They tried to give Moscow the role to give the series a more casual, down-to-earth tone, but then they agreed on Tokyo because they liked their female perspective in the cold, male environment », says the streaming service.

“House of Money” and its magical success

The series delights millions of viewers worldwide and is the most successful non-English language production on Netflix. Internationally, it received so much recognition that “House of Money” even won the Emmy in 2018 in the “Drama Series” category. This was only the second Spanish production to receive the award. Netflix also reports that the series has more than 34 million viewers. It is the third most popular series and the most popular Spanish language series on IMDB.

These are the real locations

In the first two seasons, the location of the Spanish mint can be seen. But in reality this is not the case, as the streaming provider now explains. Because the fact is that the production selected other locations: “The building of the” Supreme Council for Scientific Research “is used as a mint.” However, the two buildings in Madrid are only 35 minutes apart. In the last two seasons, the series makers have switched to alternatives. «The government complex ‹Nuevos Ministerios› is used as the ‹Bank of Spain, for example.»

Billions were printed there

In the first part of “House of Money”, the robbery alone was supposed to rob 2.4 billion euros. The plan was to print the money myself in eleven days. But of course this did not take place in the banknote printing plant in Spain. Netflix reveals: «In order to make the banknotes look realistic, the presses of the Spanish newspaper ‹ABC› were used for the series. That is why all the banknotes that can be seen in the series are printed on newsprint. » Incidentally, the hostage-takers managed to print 2,600 individual banknotes, according to the streaming giant.

The producers also appeared in the series

Many film and series makers show up in their own productions. Direction genius Quentin Tarantino also appeared in “Pulp Fiction”, “Django Unchained” or “The Hateful Eight”. In “House of Money”, for example, director Alejandro Bazzano takes over a scene in which he plays with the professor. There he says: “I need a laparotomy set, a ventilator and surgical equipment.” Daniel Higuera’s first assistant director can also be seen.

These sets also appear in other series

According to Netflix, the set for the interior of the mint was also used for the ‹Vis a vis› series. They play in a Spanish women’s prison. The special: “Both series come from the same creator, namely Álex Pina.” Incidentally, this production is also shown at Netflix. Incidentally, Alba Flores, who plays Nairobi, can also be seen in the other production, as does Najwa Nimri, who plays policewoman Alicia Sierra.

The inspiration for the Netflix hit

Director Pina has confirmed that he was inspired by modern cinema for some details of the series. Netflix reports: “The use of code names based on cities was based on the color code names in‹ Reservoir Dogs ›.» Tokyo’s look, for example, was modeled by Natalie Portman as Mathilda from the hit film ‹Léon – The Professional› from 1995.

That is why these masks were chosen

The streaming giant announces that, according to showrunner Javier Gomez Santander, not only the Dali masks used were available. The unique look of the hostage-takers is still popular today, especially at Carnival or Halloween. But the mask almost never existed because “one seriously considered Don Quixote’s image.” The Dali masking was finally found to be more distinctive. (iger / watson.de)


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