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It’s a mind-boggling story. Discouraging. Very revealing of our time.

You may have heard of the movie Cute (in English Cuties) which is due out on Netflix on September 9 and various petitions circulating to prevent it from being broadcast because it (supposedly) promotes the hypersexualization of young girls?

Well, that’s big fake news. Let me explain.


The film Cute has been very successful since its release in France at the end of 2019.

It is the story of an eleven-year-old pre-teen, Amy, who tries to escape her traditional Senegalese Muslim family (her father is preparing to bring a second wife into the house), by joining a dance group at his Parisian school.

Cute was very well received by the critics and the French public, without the slightest controversy. The director won the international award for Best Direction at the very prestigious, hip and very progressive Sundance Film Festival.

In 2020, Netflix buys the rights and chooses, as its poster, an image of Amy and her friends in a dance performance, waddling around in tight little shorts and pot-bellied t-shirts.

In addition, the description written by Netflix suggests that it is a film about hypersexualized girls passionate about twerk.

Netflix is ​​accused of promoting pedophilia and hypersexualization … when it is the opposite!

It’s a film about a young girl who plays with sensuality to get away from a stifling tradition!

Want to know what is the most amazing thing about this whole story? The film in question is the first feature film by Maïmouna Doucouré, a young black woman. Seems to me that in this time of Black Lives Matter, we should applaud his work!

We summarize: a woman, black, makes a film about a young girl, black, who explores her sexuality, her femininity, by opposing a repressive patriarchy that wants to dictate what to do with her body … and lots of people who haven’t seen the movie, haven’t seen the trailer, haven’t read a line of critics are attacking this movie and wanting to get it out of Netflix?

  • Listen to Sophie Durocher’s commentary on QUB Radio:

At the time of writing this column, a petition titled “I want Netflix to remove the film Cuties which promotes child pornography ”had been signed by 556,382 people.

In Turkey, the Ministry of the Family demands that the film be censored because it shows “a girl taking off her veil to participate in a dance competition” and that viewing the film could “affect the psychosocial development of children”. Both the American religious right and the Muslim radicals and left-wing progressives are united to prevent the broadcast of a film they have not seen and under false pretenses!


Netflix has apologized for using such a silly and unrepresentative poster of the movie to promote it.

But one thing bothers me.

Why thousands of people took offense at the image of an eleven-year-old girl in micro-shorts and didn’t say a word in the face of images of the same eleven-year-old forced to wear an Islamic veil ?

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