Netflix will no longer be available on these Smart TVs from December 2019 | Streaming | TV | Samsung | Toshiba | Sony | technology


Bad news for Netflix users. The company has announced that, as of December 1, its streaming platform will no longer be compatible with some television models.

In October, it was announced that Netflix would no longer be available on Roku readers released between 2008-2011 and some Vizio TVs. Now, the list has been extended to several Smart TV's Samsung, Sony is Toshiba, due to "technical limitations".

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Sony announced, through a official declaration, that the lack of compatibility will affect their televisions launched in 2009, 2010 and 2011, while Toshiba he has detailed it sixteen of your devices distributed between the United States and Canada will be affected.

In the case of Samsung, "a small amount" of its own Smart TV they will no longer offer support for the platform, without specifying which ones, but have stated that "in the future Netflix can be seen by many other devices able to connect to your TV".

For its part, Netflix has indicated that it will show a reminder message on all televisions concerned "several times before the specified date", together with a list devices that will remain compatible with your service.



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