Netflix with a new feature – Play Random

Not sure what Netflix movie or series to watch? The platform rushes to the rescue by introducing a new function dedicated to those who are undecided.

Play Random – New feature on Netflix

The name seems very meaningful here, the solution prepared by the most popular streaming service was baptized as Play Random. You can probably guess, however, that the selected proposals will not be completely random. Play at random is a function that will search for video material based on the user’s interests and what content he has already watched, trying to indicate something that theoretically should be warmly welcomed.

Odtwórz losowo | Netflix

The “Play Shuffle” button will appear in several places – under the profile name, on the Netflix home page, and in the menu on the left side of the screen.

If the selected item does not arouse interest, you can use the “Play something else” button. This will search for something even closer to the user, e.g. from My List, or a movie or TV series that you started watching but not finished.

Is the Netflix offer so wide that it is difficult to find yourself in it and it is better to trust the algorithms? Or is it just a solution for the lazy ones? Here we can recommend our listings of noteworthy movies and series on Netflix.

The Play Random function is also already being implemented in Poland. Initially on Smart TV, but it will ultimately be available to all users on all devices that allow Netflix. Do you have it already?

Source: Netflix

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