Netflix’s strategy to stay ahead of streaming

He 2021 was already anticipated as a year that will be decisive in the field of streaming. A battlefield in which the four most important warriors will be debated to win the throne in the area of ​​entertainment on demand (on demand): Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and HBO.

It could be “the war of the fifth generation”, in the words of the renowned Uruguayan journalist and communication scientist, Aram Aharonian. A somewhat vague analogy on the subject, but at the same time a description that seems to be very true. Platforms know that the pandemic and distancing forced people to spend much more time in front of the screen. That brought more users for each one and in Argentina it hit hard.

Netflix: releases every week

In this battle for the streaming realm, Netflix took a few steps forward and ad that will release a new movie every week of 2021. A good one for users and a bad one for the competition.

The platform published a summary video with the productions of 2021 and aroused an important expectation. “This year’s show will surprise and delight viewers around the world.”, start the ad.

In that sense, the red N explains that it will bring:

  • “Films by award-winning filmmakers” like Jane Campion, Paolo Sorrentino and Adam McKay.
  • Films by “favorite filmmakers” like Zack Snyder, Shawn Levy, and Nora Fingscheidt, among others.
  • Zombie, cowboy, children’s and romantic movies. In fact the third and last of “To all the boys I fell in love with” is expected in February, the trailer of which is now available, and later the end of “The Kissing Booth”, two of the most successful teen trilogies.
  • Teen horror.
  • Books turned into movies.
  • “Adrenaline with blockbusters”.
  • And also, according to Netflix, they will give reasons to watch family movies.

In turn, he names an infinity of Hollywood stars. The video starts with Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot y Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, to later give way to various colleagues that we will see on Netflix as Leonardo DiCaprio, Timothée Chalamet, Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Zendaya, Jennifer Garner, Octavia Spencer, Idris Elba, among many others.

Some of the most anticipated

Don’t Look Up: con Leonardo DiCaprio y Jennifer Lawrence.

Red Notice: con Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot y Ryan Reynolds.

Thunder Force: with Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer.

The Woman in the Window: with Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, among others.

Escape from Spiderhead: con Chris Hemsworth.

Those who leave

Unfortunately, to grow and bring news, Netflix also says goodbye to many productions. Why? The platform licenses series and movies almost constantly, but for a certain time. If they are not renewed, they expire. This is why some titles are no longer available.

If this happens, it is because “Our license agreement with the content provider is about to end. Every time a series or movie is about to expire, we evaluate whether to renew or not using the same criteria that we apply for possible new content.”, explica Netflix.

Some of those that leave in January are: Castaway, Imminent Danger, Friday the 13th, the Sherlock series and practically everything that is Bollywood (Indian cinema), among others. We will have to wait to know what others are laid off month by month throughout the year.

Netflix is ​​the pioneer of this type of content and has more than 195 million users, What will happen to the other platforms and who will dominate the market?

The stakes: giving more of what users already like

There is no doubt that everything on the Internet is handled with algorithms that know users perhaps better than themselves. The same thing happens on these platforms and Netflix coincidentally shows it in “The Dilemma of Social Networks”.

Amazon prime

You generally bet and would keep betting your entire high quality original content, which adds more and more fans. Is that Amazon It appeared as an alternative that slowly climbs steps.

The main course is his original series: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Fleabag, The Boys, Upload, the recent Savages, to name just a few. Anyway, it also has a great variety of Hollywood movies.


It gives to talk. HBO GO is a platform with highly coveted content, that others dream of having and users to see.

It stands out a lot, not only for its variety and quality, but also because it is likely to have the most recent movie releases, when many times other platforms have more “old” content. Also, bet heavily on the HBO Max platform for this year.

Disney Plus

Disney + It was highly anticipated in Latin America and it is the most recent, therefore, it has that “novel” character. Anyway, he received some complaints from users, but he recovered and reached around 86.5 million subscribers in December.

In its own words, the platform aims to launch 100 productions per year and expects to acquire between 300 and 350 million users by 2024. And it could achieve them.

It already came with movies that aroused nostalgia and original content, but it also has everything from Pixar. The last movie, “Soul”, it was a success that sets the example. They also appear on Disney +: Marvel, Star Wars, NatGeo, among many others.

Star +

As if that were not enough, Disney Plus is preparing for the arrival in the country of Star +, the new platform and own brand that would be your ace up your sleeve to fight your competition hard in this war.

In Argentina it would appear as an independent platform and will transmit content from Disney, Pixar, Fox and even ESPN sports. It would arrive in June of this year, although at a slightly higher price.


  • Netflix: Basic plan costs $ 199 per month with one screen at a time; the standard plan, at $ 319 and two screens and the premium plan at $ 449 with four screens or profiles.
  • Amazon Prime: $ 219 per month. According to Amazon, “three videos can be played at the same time from the same account”, without the possibility of creating different screens or profiles.
  • Disney +: $ 385 a month or $ 3,850 a year with four screens at once.
  • HBO GO: $ 440 per month or, if you have the HBO package, it will be free.
  • Star+: It is worth clarifying once more that it is not yet available, but its approximate price will be $ 7.50 per month or $ 9 per month if contracted in conjunction with Disney +.

Which one do you prefer and who will win the 2021 battle?


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