Nethys management wants to reassure VOO, Be tv and WBCC staff about employment

“The choice of the buyer (of VOO) will be made on the basis of several criteria within which, in addition to the proposed price, the future strategy of the company and its development, in particular through an ambitious investment program, employment and human resources policy are at the heart of the process.The quality of the future partner, the development plan and the financial resources that will be invested are the best and most solid guarantees to ensure the future of the company and its staff, “Nethys management said in a statement. The company assures that it will keep ‘a minority share of the capital which will allow it in particular to ensure compliance with the commitments of the buyer’. Nethys adds that “within the limits of the rules linked to the sales process”, discussions take place and will continue to be organized within the works council with all the workers’ representatives. The company recalls that the next step in the sales procedure is the submission of binding offers from prospective buyers (a “short list” was drawn up in July), scheduled for early October. “Then, exclusive negotiations will be initiated with the successful candidate. Staff representatives will then be informed of the content of the negotiations with the aim of maintaining a frank and open social dialogue in the interest of the staff,” added Nethys. The National Central of Employees (CNE) had, earlier in the day, expressed its concern about the sales prospects of VOO with regard to the guarantee of employment for the nearly one thousand members of the personnel of the company. and its associated entities (VOO SA, WBCC, Be TV).

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