Netizens asked Boy Pakorn to take it? Faye FFK has responded after being caught in the relationship!

After becoming an issue, netizens are watching what might be in the bamboo forest. for the relationship ofSinger Faye Pornpawee Neerasingh andThe youngest actor “Boy Pakorn Chatborirak” After netizens opened a new issue in “Jay Moi 108 page”, wondering if the couple went to Hua Hin together or not?!

Recently, Faye posted a picture of a trip to the sea and a beautiful sister Fang girl commented that Who took the photo? Keng, who has Chavent coming to tease and link to the young boy. Even Faye I have to hurry to answer the doubt that the person who took the picture for me is my sister Fang.

Because the person has come to comment on the sister saying Can you see for yourself? with wonder emoji

It is clear to the point of photography. As for the relationship between the two, is it true? Still waiting to win.


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