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At Christmas, many families end up eating meat on the table during a festive meal. Beef, game, poultry – and when the discount arrives, Netto also makes a zebra steak. Some customers are angry.

Munich – Is meat the same meat? Apparently not. Because with its action of offering frozen zebra meat, the Netto discount has some consumers. Currently, the zebra is advertised in the prospectus – 6.99 euros costs a steak of 300 grams. And it should probably be an alternative to traditional meat at Christmas.

Actually predictable, it would have downloaded a Shitstorm on the net. "The zebras belong to the Serengeti and not to the freezer", echauffiert a user. Another seems to be more open: "Mmm, zebra." Small bites at the Mongolian trust were promising.I found the hard camel, the crocodile reminded the frog and the chicken, blade is still missing. "A user comes in sight of the zebra meat offer only for the verdict. "Just sick, what's going on in Germany".

The animal welfare organization sees the net supply critically

On the contrary, the WWF is a little less upset, after all, Netto's strategic partner when it comes to a range of sustainable products. Just for these products, the organization also rewards the WWF seal Panda. "It depends on where the animals come from, which come from a herd and, if so, how they are kept," said Roland Gramling of the WWF nature conservation organization in place of "RP-Online". Although the gray and mountain zebra is threatened with extinction, but not the zebra of the plains that lives between the northeast and south of Africa. From the discount store itself, there are no details – just that the meat comes from South Africa.

Exactly the WWF sees in this case as questionable. There is "enough games in Europe, because it does not have to be transported by air from Africa," Gramling said.

Far from moral concerns, it is also likely that the zebra steak is polarized in terms of taste. Because the meat is given a very strong taste. It should be juicy and tender. If it is a little more difficult, it could be due to "possible residues of bullets". One should pay attention to this, warns the distributor of the zebra steak on the package. But this should be the case sometimes with the local game …

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