Sport Networking. The spicy superclassic cross between Nicolás Otamendi and...

Networking. The spicy superclassic cross between Nicolás Otamendi and Pablo Migliore

Otamendi and Migliore, at a junction of loaded through networks

It is not the first time that Nicolás Otamendi,

confessed fan of River

and Pablo Migliore,

Boca fanatic. On this occasion, the Manchester City defender and the former goalkeeper had a hot round trip on instagram.

First it was Otamendi

who began “greeting” Migliore: “Good morning Pablo. Since I have no news from you, I hope you are doing well,” wrote the former Vélez.

Then Migliore appeared

responding to Otamendi with a story in which Farré was seen converting the goal that decreed the descent of River.

Credit: Capture

After that Instagram story, it was the defender of Manchester City who mocked Migliore for the final between River and Boca played in Madrid, showing him a video in which the former president of the nation, Cristina Kirchner, is seen talking about “the wonderful night of December 9 “in one of his political acts, but which later had the image of the goal scored by Juan Fernando Quintero.

Also in one of the Instagram stories, former Vélez shows a video of a persecution of a person who escapes from the police with the background story by Mariano Clos of Gonzalo Martínez’s goal.

Pablo Migliore’s ironic greeting to Nicolás Otamendi


But the thing did not end there because then there was an exchange of several images between which several were seen worn from one to another. Until a video of Pablo Migliore came covering his face with a sheet and a long letter B greeting him ironically.

Finally, Nicolás Otamendi was the one who ended the crossroads with greetings to Migliore and his entire family, a message that was replicated on the former goalkeeper’s social networks.

Otamendi, at the end closed the stories with a greeting to Migliore and his family





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