Netzagentur puts pressure on Telefónica (


Bonn. Mobile expansion is increasing the pressure on Telefónica Deutschland. According to a report by the Federal Network Agency, the telecoms company is far removed from the expansion targets that must be reached by the end of 2019. The difference between the current state and the supply requirements is "in some cases still considerable," the authors write with a view to Telefónica (O2). By the end of the year, nationwide, 98 percent of households need to be supplied with reasonably fast mobile Internet – the minimum requirement is 50 megabits per second on the antenna and 10 megabits on the customer. According to the report Telefónica last came to 89.1 percent of households. Deutsche Telekom stands at 96.3 percent and Vodafone at 94.3 percent. dpa / nd


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