Neuburg: Humanitarian Aid asks for donations

Active in Romanian aid for 30 years: The Neuburg doctor Rodica Leporda (3rd from right) calls for donations for the Humanitarian Aid of the BRK so that the support of the children’s home in the Bogdanda monastery can continue.

BRK district association Neuburg-Schrobenhausen


Taking into account the mask requirement and the relevant hygiene regulations, the work continued, as far as the voluntary work on the Corona front allowed.

Only now has the Neuburg doctor Rodica Leporda returned home from Romania after a long stay and she reports nothing good from her home country. Unemployment has risen enormously and medical care is far behind the standards. There was therefore no major debate in the executive committee, which met by telephone. “We’re going on,” explains BRK district manager Robert Augustin and asks the population for support.

Rodica Leporda didn’t just bring bad news. “There are also bright spots,” she says, citing the Bogdana Monastery as an example. This is far from the beaten track, across the Carpathian Mountains in the northeast of the country. Very close to the Ukraine, around 600 kilometers from Sibiu. But an institution emerged there that one could only wish for: a real small village for 128 children and young people who for various reasons would have to grow up without parents. It used to mean infirmity in one of those notorious orphanages found across the country after the revolution. That has changed radically in the vicinity of the monastery. On the initiative of the abbot, ten residential houses and supply buildings were built there, from the bakery to the nursery to the kitchen and the laundry.

Right from the start: Humanitre Aid Neuburg-Schrobenhausen. “We have already unloaded quite a bit”, recalls Vice-Chairman Georg Ottiger and lists the relief items: From food to pencils and adhesive plasters. School education is organized, followed by training as a craftsman or a degree. It is already evident today how close the bond between the young people and the monastery has become: they come back during the holidays and help the little ones. When Rodica Leporda calls for donations again this year, it is mainly because she wants to help the children and youth center in Bogdana to continue its exemplary work. In addition, there are still homes that take in children from torn families and where the business is ruled by poverty.

For 30 years the doctor from Neuburg has been at the forefront of the BRK’s Romanian campaigns as a fundraiser, organizer, contact person and interpreter. Only last year she was awarded the Federal Medal of Merit and honorary membership of the district association. After the death of the founding chairman Toni Drexler two years ago, she saw the aid organization before the end. But the new board of directors under the leadership of BRK district manager Robert Augustin developed new concepts that get by with fewer staff and do without their own fleet of vehicles. The transports are now handled by Romanian freight forwarders, which is even cheaper. The main burden of the work has now returned to Leporda. Namely, she receives the cargo on site in Romania and organizes the distribution to the various social institutions. It has worked twice. And smoothly – despite the pandemic.

That is why she is now pushing again and hopes that there will be generous donors in the pre-Christmas period. Every cent is well spent, she emphasizes, and promises that thanks to the voluntary commitment nothing will have to be used for administrative work. Transfers can be made to the account of Humanitren Aid at the Stadtsparkasse Aichach-Schrobenhausen under DE92720512100000050500; donation receipts can also be issued on request. DK

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