Neufchâteau: a driver tries to outrun the police for 9 km

A motorist, not wanting to submit to a police check in the context of a family dispute, tried to sow the police on Friday evening in Neufchâteau. The police were first called on the side of Straimont (Herbeumont) for this young man showing himself threatening towards his ex-companion and her mother. He was spotted by the police, around 9:30 p.m. Friday, driving a vehicle on the N85 linking Florenville to Neufchâteau.

But invited to stop, he preferred to run with the police on his heels. The driver, in his escape, forced the vehicles crossed on his road to pull over to the side. Driving at high speed, he also took a roundabout in the opposite direction. Finally this chase ended after 9 km on the side of Longlier where the driver could be arrested. Five passengers were also in the vehicle, which was therefore overcapacity. The driver was under the influence of narcotics. His vehicle was seized and his license revoked.

The prosecution specifies that it is an individual already well known to the police. The magistrate on duty has already initiated an accelerated appearance procedure in correctional. The driver will be cited at the hearing on April 17 before the Neufchâteau court to answer for malicious obstruction of traffic but also for rebellion against the police during his arrest.

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