New asteroid discovered: Researchers calculate impact date

In January, US researchers discovered the asteroid “2022 AE1”. It could hit Earth in July 2023. But two numbers are immensely reassuring.

Asteroid “2022 AE1” could hit Earth on July 4, 2023 – but that probably won’t happen.


There is one good news and two bad ones. Let’s start with the two bad ones. First, the asteroid 2022 AE1, discovered on January 6, 2022, is large enough to safely pass through Earth’s atmosphere and impact Earth – which would result in catastrophe. Secondly, this may already happen on July 4, 2023, as astronomers have calculated. But don’t worry, there’s still good news. But more on that later.

Asteroid “2022 AE1”: 1st place of the objects that could hit the earth

Asteroid “2022 AE1” was discovered by scientists at the Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) in the US state of Arizona. The Nasa project specializes in searching for potentially dangerous asteroids. The latest find is a hit: “2022 AE1” has landed directly at number one on Nasa’s list of near-Earth objects that may hit Earth.

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