New Breakthrough, UK Will Allow People With HIV To Join Army – The moment of World AIDS Day which is celebrated every December 1 is used by the UK to announce new breakthroughs.

In the near future, sufferers HIV in the UK will be allowed to join soldier, with special conditions. That is, they no longer have detectable amounts of the virus.

Britain’s Ministry of Defence says military personnel who become infected with HIV after conscription can serve in the armed forces — even though they are classified as not fully fit. The category according to the defense ministry will be changed as well.

“Treatment has revolutionized the lives and survival of people diagnosed with HIV. As a modern and inclusive employer, it is true that we recognize and act on the latest scientific evidence,” said defense minister Leo Docherty.

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Illustration of HIV AIDS. [Envato Elements]

The United States also currently prohibits people with HIV from joining its armed forces, and has faced legal challenges over its policy of not allowing HIV-positive personnel to serve as officers.

With proper treatment, the amount of virus in the blood of an HIV-infected person can be lowered to undetectable levels, which in turn effectively eliminates the possibility of them transmitting the virus that causes AIDS to others.

Starting early next year, British military personnel on duty who have tested positive for HIV but no longer carry a detectable viral load will be classified as fully fit. That is, they can be deployed on military operations.

People taking drugs to reduce their risk of contracting HIV will also be able to join the armed forces. Historically, anyone who took medication regularly could not join the British armed forces, with limited exceptions such as contraceptives.

The proposed changes were welcomed by the UK’s National AIDS Trust charity.

“Careers in the armed forces are the only careers not open to people living with HIV in the UK, and with this much-needed change the military will be better able to fulfill its obligation to advance the principle of involving all people in its ranks,” said Deborah Gold, head of the armed forces. the organization’s executives. [ANTARA]

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