New bus from VW live for the first time. ID. Buzz can be an electric replacement for Multivan

Volkswagen ID. Buzz is one of the most anticipated electric cars this year. It is the spiritual successor of the legendary “bus” T1 and at the same time a more ecological alternative to the new Multivan or the ending Sharan. The Aktuálně.cz editorial staff was given the opportunity to inspect the car at least statically long before it was launched on the Czech market. What an ID he did. Buzz in personal and utility version impressed?

The design is the first to attract the latest member of the ID electric family. Volkswagen has managed to balance modern elements well with references to the original T1 and T2. At the front, at least in the version in the photos, there is a diode matrix of IQ light. Light (these are optional, but standard LED spotlights are standard) connected by a light bar. The logo of the carmaker in the front is bigger than usual, but the overall impression of the car does not disturb it.

It is more necessary to get used to the short front overhang, especially from the position behind the wheel, where the driver of the combustion siblings is still used to the hood. The two-tone body paint with a white hood, roof and a stripe on the side at shoulder level also looks stylish. This solution will be offered at an additional cost, the default is ID. Buzz monochrome. The cabin can also be colored, especially the seat covers can correspond to the body paint, the materials are not of animal origin at all, forget about genuine leather and the highest equipment. Its replacement, for example on the steering wheel, but the leather cover imitates more than well.

The offer of the electric “bus” will grow rather gradually. The short model with a length of 4.7 meters and a wheelbase of 2988 mm is currently offered with five seats (an important message for families is that only two seats fitted with Isofix can fit side by side, the third is in the front passenger seat) , but there will also be a version with three rows of seats and six seats with a 2 + 2 arrangement. Why won’t there be a short ID. Buzz seven? This is mainly due to the sliding side doors, which are not so wide, so it would be harder to back to the rear. With two seats in the middle, it is possible to stretch more comfortably through the gap between them.

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Another option will be an extended seven-seater model. It will be 25 cm longer, and the wheelbase will be stretched by this entire value. The side sliding doors will also be wider. Overall, the longer version will attack 3.5 tons in weight, but according to the brand representatives, it will not exceed this value, so that it can still be managed with the authorization of group B.

Due to the longer design, the electric California with a full bed and a sliding roof will also arrive in the middle of the current decade. When we take a detour back to the currently available five-seater short version, it definitely attracts not only the design but also the interior space (thanks to it, among other things, to the wheels practically in the corners of the body).

The back, where the bench is divided in a ratio of 2: 1, is comfortable to get on, similar to the Multivan, there is also a practical handle. It sits pleasantly high, the floor is flat and the rear part of the backrests of the front seats also has folding tables. Although it is an ID. Buzz shorter than the new Multivan, the interior can get closer to it at least in the second row of seats. The rear seats can also be moved up to 150 mm.

The luggage compartment is also large, with the lower edge of the side windows holding 1,121 liters of cargo (which is why another row of seats can fit in the back) and 2205 liters of space available with the rear bench folded down. At the same time, there is a flat loading surface at the back. It is also possible to connect up to a ton of trailer behind the car and mount roof rails on the roof. But the height with them exceeds two meters.

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Based on the Volkswagen ID. As with other VW electric cars, Buzz is the MEB platform. The German manufacturer has so far published only one variant, which has an electric motor at the rear and rear-wheel drive, the highest output is then 150 kW. The battery with a usable capacity of 77 kWh is located in the floor, on average the personal version says 20.6 kWh / 100 km and the carmaker reports a range of 423 kilometers on a single charge. It is possible to charge a maximum of 170 kW, from five to eighty percent the battery will reach in about half an hour.

In the future, any stronger versions will come in the future, including an ATV, which will have a second electric motor on the front axle. There will also be a version with a smaller battery, it will probably have a usable capacity of 58 kWh, but representatives of Volkswagen expect interest in the utility version of Cargo. In personal, a larger flashlight should play prim.

From the beginning and as a delivery

Utility model ID. At first glance, Buzz Cargo is not very different from its personal sibling, but the sharper eye will notice, for example, other taillights: where the headlights of the personal model are connected by a light bar, the utility model has only plastic. The interior is also different, the utility version has a practical storage shelf at the top of the dashboard, and the central display is a maximum of ten inches, two inches smaller than the maximum for the personal variant. However, in both variants, the 5.3-inch digital alarm clocks are set together with the steering wheel.

The utility model is a two-seater, but it can also be a three-seater, but then the practical Buzz Box, which can be completely removed from the car, disappears. It is also offered by a personal model. There are a lot of practical details for both cars: for example, a USB-C socket in the passenger door, or a rubberized storage area in front of the passenger. There is also a number of storage areas. Only one side sliding door on the passenger’s side is standard on the utility model, but it is also possible to pay extra for the driver.

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The suitcase has either a hinged lid or a double door, which opens at an angle of up to 180 degrees. The loading area itself is 2.2 meters in length and 1.73 meters in width, so it can hold two euro pallets. The total volume is 3.9 m3 and the load capacity of the commercial electric vehicle is 650 kg. Unlike the personal version, the utility version does not come with a longer wheelbase, then it would be too close to the area of ​​a larger e-Crafter and would not make full sense in the offer.

The drive is basically the same as in the personal version, the range is 425 km on paper and the average consumption is 20.4 kWh / 100 km. At the same time, however, the utility version does not yet include the introduction of stronger versions with all-wheel drive, as will be the case with the personal model. On the contrary, she should be interested in the already mentioned smaller flashlight, which will make the car cheaper.

In Germany and some other “key” markets, ID pre-sales will begin. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo this Friday. The personal version so far in the only and well-equipped Pro variant – it includes, among other things, LED lights, two-zone air conditioning, 10-inch infotainment, 19-inch wheels, electric side sliding doors – will cost 64,581 euros without subsidies, ie about 1.6 million crowns.

Again, the well-equipped Cargo utility vehicle will cost EUR 54,431, ie about 1.34 million crowns. Deliveries to customers will start in the autumn. On the Czech market, the pre-sale of both versions will start at the beginning of the summer, when prices will also be published; in reality, the first cars should reach the market before the end of this year.

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