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New bus tour – With the voice of Samuel L. Jackson by Görlitz – Dresden

Görlitz – Where cinema hits such as “The Grand Budapest Hotel” or “The reader” were filmed, invites Hollywood Star Samuel L. Jackson (71) for a tour of the city – at least its German synchronous voice.

Four times daily the double-Decker Bus “Görliwood Explorer starts now” at the top of the market and from the speaker out of the cinema, familiar voice is heard.

“We wanted to make a city tour of a different kind,” explained the operator of Patrick Schultze (35). “The Name ‘Görliwood’ is now a term we wanted to bring him now to life.

Photo: picture alliance / United archives


Samuel L. JacksonPhoto: picture alliance / United archives

Therefore, you would have sat down, written a Text, the movie scenes, and Samuel L. Jackson’s German dubbing voice, Engelbert von Nordhausen, talking can. “He was there immediately, because he is the narrative voice in the Film ‘Inglourious Basterds’, which was partly filmed in Görlitz.”

Schultze continues: “I am a movie buff, have seen all of the strips and know that six Oscars were awarded to Görlitz turned movies.”

The passengers find the idea to his class. Silke Goldberg (53) and daughter, Anna-Emilia (12) from Plauen about it: “We love movies about everything – now we finally get to see the real rotary
places. Fantastic!“

Helge Bergemann (65) and his wife Anette (54), from Berlin, react, is also enthusiastic: “We are for the first Time in Görlitz – and are very excited: We knew nothing about it, that Görlitz is one of the most charming film cities in the whole world.”

At this point Samuel L. Jackson was on to something.

<img class="photo ondemand zoomable" src="" data-img-src=",w=1280,c=0.bild.jpg" alt="Four times a day starts the red "Görliwood Explorer" at the top of the market in Görlitz" data-zoom-title="Four times a day starts the red "Görliwood Explorer" at the top of the market in Görlitz

Foto: Dirk Sukow


Four times daily the red “Görliwood Explorer starts” at the top of the market in Görlitz

Foto: Dirk Sukow



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