New Deathloop Patch Adds Wanted Feature

Recently, the second update of Deathloop has been released. In the patch notes states that some of players’ biggest concerns will disappear. The update focuses on the enemy AI and UI issues, but also on audio and other elements.

One of the biggest changes in Deathloop is that when a Colt leaves a game, it counts as if Julianna won the game. For Julianna players, it used to be a waste of time for a Colt player to leave the multiplayer session. Julianna players would then receive little to no rewards regardless of how much time they had already invested in the game.

Colt players who try to wait for Julianna are now also being punished. If a Colt hides in a tunnel of the Deathloop map, it will be pinged and the tunnel doors will open. This makes it easier for a Julianna to beat the Colt. Furthermore, it takes longer for a Colt to hack the antenna. An Al-directed Julianna will also “more actively” rule on Colt’s actions, but it’s not explained how.

Deathloop has smarter NPCs

Enemy NPC’s behavior has also been improved. For example, the NPCs react to bullets flying past their heads, or to another NPC being killed nearby. They can also hear better and react more quickly to footsteps.

The new update also includes accessibility changes that allow you to invert the left and right sticks. UI buttons can be displayed larger and there are larger selectable menu areas. The complete patch notes to be here to find.

Deathloop is available for the PlayStation 5 en PC.

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