New details in the case of arrest of the daughter of the founder of Huawei – Sada El-Bald eco of the country


On August 22, a New York court issued a warrant for the giant giant Chinese giant Huawei, revealed court documents on Friday.

The documents, which were published by the CNN network, "excerpts from them that the court has requested to be detained to appear in court to face charges in the United States.

The documents also added that the US authorities learned on November 29 that Mang will stop in Vancouver on his way to another country believed to be Mexico.

Huawei, with approximately 1,000 employees in Canada, has been subjected to close scrutiny in many Western countries for its ties with the Chinese government, due to concerns that Beijing could use for espionage.

The Canadian police arrested Meng Wan Chu, the company's financial director and daughter of its founder on December 1, at the request of the United States.


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