New detection of dark matter


Research team of the University of Zaragoza. The King & # 39; s College of London and the Institute of Astronomy in the United States have established. what a stream of stars. whose path is in our immediate vicinity. it could provide a good opportunity to finally discover the mysterious matter.

In his article, published in the journal Physical Review D, the group describes its results and the reasons why the authors believe that their observations can help to understand dark matter.

The proof of the existence of dark matter is quite convincing. Judging from the gravity of the observed galaxies, it should be about five times more in the universe of ordinary matter. But since dark matter does not seem to interact with ordinary matter, except through gravity, its direct observation is a non-trivial task that has not yet been solved.

The focal point of the authors of the proposed concept was the stellar flow S1 – a set of stars, which apparently constituted a small separate galaxy, a satellite of the Milky Way, like the Magellan clouds. In the relatively recent past – of the order of several billion years – this galaxy has been swallowed up by ours, the stars that have made it join, but because of their origin they move abnormally.

The S1 flow was discovered last year by a team that was studying Gaia satellite data. Other similar flows have been observed before, but this is the first one, whose trajectory intersects with the path of our star.

The stars that enter this flow move at a speed of about 500 km / s and most likely carry the dark matter that once surrounded their native galaxy. If so (this hypothesis), its concentration in space should be significantly higher than usual and its density distribution should be different. And, in principle, one can try to detect this difference, if not with modern methods, at least with future ones.

A natural disadvantage of the concept is that the detection of heterogeneity on an astronomical scale requires astronomical time. In short, we will not live.



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