New developments regarding Angham’s health.. and her doctor reveals a surprise • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Akram Al-Adawi, the doctor treating the artist Angham, revealed the latest developments in her health condition.

He said, in an intervention with the “MBC Trending” program, that Angham is in a stable condition and has recovered completely, and she can leave the hospital and sing tomorrow if she wishes.

He confirmed that she returned to her natural condition by 100%, indicating that what he made came at a personal request from the artist, in her desire to reassure her audience.

He explained that she was suffering from some disorders that led to abdominal pain and bleeding, and after the examinations, it was found that there were fibrous tumors in the lower abdomen, as a result of which an operation was performed to remove the tumors and remove the uterus.

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