New disassembled iPad mini: outside unchanged, new inner life


New inner life, badly repairable. Here's how the first look at the new-generation iPad mini case 5 can be summarized by the iFixIt repair company. As part of the teardown it showed that while Apple has largely maintained the outer shell and layout of the controls, the hardware inside but completely converted.

The new A12 Bionic chip meets an 8-megapixel camera on the back, Bluetooth 5.0 including Wi-Fi MIMO and a real-tone screen. With 19.1 watt-hours the battery is as voluminous as the previous model, which was released in September 2015; However, this is completely redesigned and not compatible with the old version.

iFixIt continued to find a 3GB main memory and display hardware needed to support the first generation of Apple Pencil. Apple continues to use a Gigabit-class LTE module in the model with a wireless chip (depending on the network operator) and offers eSIM technology.

In terms of reparability, Apple is not yet spotted with fame. The case contains a lot of glue, which holds various components and cables in place. The Home button with Touch ID functionality is also blocked, making it difficult to change. The battery can be replaced according to iFixIt, but it is not easy. Overall, the device received only a "repairability score" of 2 – the maximum would be 10.

There was some praise for some components that are modular, but not all. For example, the Lightning connector, which can easily be damaged, is soldered to the motherboard, making it difficult to repair. After all, Apple relies on Phillips screws, which facilitate the opening of the case.

Apple iPad mini 5 64 GB, gray space (MUQW2FD / A)

iPad mini 5 64 GB

Apple iPad mini 5 256 GB, gray space, LTE (MUXC2FD / A)

iPad mini 5 LTE 256 GB

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