New Drama by Lukas Enembe in KPK Detention: Claims of Rotten Sweet Potatoes to a Strike on Drugs

JAKARTA, – The behavior of the inactive Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, who is currently being detained by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has again attracted attention.

Enembe was detained on suspicion of bribery and gratuities. The process of detaining him also went through stages that were not easy because in the end the KPK had to forcibly pick him up from Papua.

The KPK suspects that Enembe received a bribe from the director of PT Tabi Bangun Papua, Rijatono Lakka, in the amount of Rp. 1 billion to select the construction company as the winner of an auction for three multi-year projects in Papua.

In addition, Enembe is also suspected of receiving gratuities of Rp. 50 billion related to his position as governor.

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Claim the rotten yams

According to a report by Enembe’s attorney, Otto Cornelis Kaligis or often called OC Kaligis, his client was often given a menu of rotten sweet potatoes from the KPK.

He also received this information from the District Head of Central Mamberamo, Ricky Ham Pagawak, who had an accidental meeting in the visiting room.

“Brother Ricky Ham Pagawak, who happened to meet us in the visiting room, confirmed the rotten sweet potato food our client, Mr. Lukas Enembe, received,” said Kaligis in his official statement.

The KPK immediately denied providing inappropriate food menus for Enembe or other detainees.

“I don’t think it’s right to then give the person concerned rotten potatoes,” said KPK Enforcement and Institutional Spokesperson Ali Fikri at a press conference at the KPK, Tuesday (21/3/2023).

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Ali said the KPK actually provided a menu of food for prisoners, including Enembe, with rice.

However, said Ali, Enembe asked that the rice be replaced with sweet potatoes.

“The request from the person concerned did not eat rice, so sweet potatoes were replaced, so we fulfilled that,” said Ali.

Ali said food for KPK detainees was provided by a third party, namely a catering company through a tender scheme. His party ensures that the food provided to prisoners is of good quality.

According to Ali, the change in Lukas’ menu refers to the prevailing standard of cost and food quality.

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“We ensure that we always maintain the quality of the food and fulfill the consumption of KPK prisoners through catering,” said Ali.

“So this consumption is not by the detention center officers, or by the KPK itself, but by third party catering,” he added.

Although the quality of food for the inmates is guaranteed, the menu for the prisoners is not lavish.

KPK detainees do not receive different treatment from detainees in detention centers or other correctional institutions.

“Don’t imagine that there is luxury, for example,” said Ali.

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Ali also shared photos of the food menu for Enembe. The prisoner’s food menu for Enembe that Ali showed consisted of fried pomfret as a side dish and placed in a closed container.

Besides that, you can also see sweet potato that has been boiled and cut into a clear container. Enembe’s food menu also includes vegetables stored in glass-shaped containers.

Drug strike

After admitting that he was fed rotten sweet potatoes, Enembe then started acting again by refusing to take the medicine given by the doctor from the KPK.

This was revealed by Enembe’s attorney, Petrus Bala Pattyona.

According to Petrus, he and OC Kaligis and Cyprus A Tatali visited Enembe on Tuesday (21/3/2023) and received a statement letter refusing to take medication signed by Lukas.

“In the Statement Letter, Mr. Lukas Enembe refused to take the medicines provided by the KPK doctor,” said Petrus in his written statement to, Wednesday (22/3/2023).

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In the letter, Lukas stated that he no longer wanted to take medication from the KPK as of March 19, 2023.

“I hereby declare that, starting from Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 22.04 I do not want to take the medicine provided by the KPK,” Lukas wrote in his letter.

Luke then gave a number of reasons written in the letter. First, his illness has not changed since he took the drug from the KPK.

This is evidenced by the fact that both of his legs are still swollen.

Second, Lukas asked to undergo treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore.

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“Because they (doctors) in Singapore know and understand my illness very well,” wrote Lukas.

Furthermore, Lukas protested because he was placed in the KPK detention center. According to him, as a sick person he received treatment at the hospital, instead of being detained.

After that, Lukas wrote the closing sentence and signed on behalf of Lukas Enembe.

At the end, it is written that the statement letter on the drug strike was submitted to KPK leaders in Jakarta, legal advisors in Jakarta, KPK doctors in Jakarta, and Pertinggal or archives.

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According to Petrus, Luke admitted that he had not experienced any change in the pain he suffered after taking the medicine from the KPK doctor.

“And the proof is that both of my client’s legs are still swollen to this day and are limping,” said Petrus.

Not only refusing to take medication, Lukas also asked to undergo treatment at Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

According to him, the doctors at the hospital really understood Luke’s illness.

Petrus said, in the letter to the KPK leadership that his party received, Lukas stated that he should not be languishing in the KPK detention center.

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“I am a sick person who should receive treatment at the hospital and not be placed at the KPK detention center,” said Petrus quoting Luke’s letter.

Responding to Enembe’s attitude, KPK deputy chairman Nurul Ghufron said he would coordinate with the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI).

“Perhaps we will discuss it further with IDI regarding health developments in question for us to follow up on,” said Ghufron when contacted by, Wednesday (22/3/2023).

Ghufron said the KPK is a law enforcement agency that carries out its duties professionally.

His party is not a citizen health insurance agency, including Lukas Enembe. Therefore, the handling of the health of Lukas who is languishing in the KPK detention center (Rutan) will be coordinated with IDI.

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“So far (KPK and IDI) see that Lukas Enembe’s illness can still be handled domestically,” said Ghufron.

Now the KPK continues to monitor Enembe’s condition up to 4 times a day. According to Ali, the KPK officer will ensure that Enembe takes all the medicine given by the doctor, then leaves the detention center.

(Author : Syakirun Ni’am | Editor : Sabrina Asril, Bagus Santosa)

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