New ecological aberration in Qatar: shuttle planes every ten minutes to bring supporters to meetings

While many voices are raised to criticize the World Cup in Qatar, ecological aberrations accumulate. This Tuesday, RMC Sport tells us that the neighbors of the Gulf country will set up a system of daily shuttles. Objective: to transport the very many supporters to the stadiums… before having them return by plane after the match.

The Obs estimates that the flights will be 160 daily. Which equates to one flight… every ten minutes. The reason is simple and has been known for a long time. Due to its small size, it is impossible for Qatar to accommodate the 1.2 million fans expected to descend on Doha.

The country had already announced that floating palaces were going to be set up to increase the capacity of people to welcome. But he had to find other solutions. As a result, Qatar has agreed with its neighboring countries to allow supporters to fly to the stadiums before returning to their accommodation on a return flight. Like for example Flydubai which “will offer up to 30 daily return flights between Dubai and Doha.

In addition to this ecological madness, the price of this ticket called ‘Match Day Shuttle’ will not necessarily be free. Thus, the supporters will have to pay a sum which oscillates between 260 euros (in economy class) and nearly 1000 euros (in business class). “Each passenger is entitled to one carry-on bag and can enjoy free ground transportation between Doha airport and the stadiums”explains Qatar Airways. “With a high frequency of flights each day, the carrier has advised its passengers to select a flight landing in Doha at least four hours before the start of the chosen match.”

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This controversy is added, in ecological terms, to the air conditioning of the stadiums. In addition, Qatar has long been singled out for the non-respect of workers’ rights on World Cup sites by many NGOs.

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