New Elden Ring gameplay leaks, showing a very powerful enemy

The elden ring release each time he feels a little closer, especially after being able to enjoy your beta, which we have analyzed in detail here, at SomosXbox. Without a doubt, FromSoftware has provided us with a wonderful piece of work, as Elden Ring fuses the gameplay of Dark Souls with an open world that is more than explorable in the company of new features. So now, while we wait for February 25 to be able to enjoy this great game on Xbox Series X|S, we inform you that it has been leaked a new Elden Ring gameplay, showing a very powerful enemy.

Although, this new leak has been shared by the well-known and reliable user Idle Sloth via Twitter, the same one that already leaked several gameplays of the FromSoftware game a few days ago. This user has now returned to the fray, sharing with the whole world a new and concise Elden Ring gameplay, where we can enjoy a battle with a very powerful enemy. The attacks of this enemy that you can see below are insane and very complicated to stop.

As you can see, Elden Ring will not be an easy game, since its extensive world will be full of all kinds of enemies that will give us a hard time for a while, like this enemy with his forceful, powerful and magical attacks. We remember that all players who are stuck with an enemy or in a specific area, will be able to summon allies.

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Gameplay the Elden Ring

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