New Facts Revealed! Ridwan Soplanit admits that he met Ferdy Sambo through the back door of the TKP, why?

AYOJAKARTA.COM – Follow-up trial of the case premeditated murder Brigadier J was held again at the South Jakarta District Court after being postponed for a week.

The trial which took place Monday (21/11/2022) presented three defendants in the murder case Brigadier J that is Richard Eliezer, Ricky Rizal and Maruf strong.

Not only that, the trial which had the agenda of examining witnesses presented 11 witnesses.

One of them is AKBP Redwan Soplanet who is a former Chief of Criminal Investigation Unit South Jakarta Police.

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Quoted by from YouTube tvOneNews on Thursday (24/11/2022), AKBP Redwan Soplanet reveal his testimony.

He said that on the day of his death Brigadier Jhe was at home from morning to evening.

Redwan Soplanet explained when asked to come to crime scenehe admitted to entering through the back door and found Freddy Sambo.

In that meeting, Freddy Sambo said that there had been a shooting incident between its members.

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