New fast food. The popular American company Popeyes is coming to the Czech Republic

One of the popular American fast food chains, Popeyes, is heading to the Czech Republic, which will complement the well-known strong three here. By the standards of the domestic fast food market, this is a relatively fundamental matter – overseas businesses of this type will not flow here at any great rate.

Popeyes does not have as rich a history as McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King, but it is one of the more successful ones, at least in the United States. This is also evidenced by its sales, which last year rose by $400 million to approximately $5.5 billion (128 billion crowns), which is also related to the increase in the number of branches, which should be almost 3,900 worldwide. Most of them are franchises – and it is precisely in this spirit that Popeyes will also enter the Czech Republic.

The fast food chain, which usually offers fried chicken delicacies inspired by the tastes and traditions of the American state of Louisiana, plans to open several restaurants on the Czech market. This should happen in the course of next year, but it is not yet known how many branches there will be, or in which cities they will appear. However, it is possible to assume the assortment with which Popeyes will head to the Czech Republic.

Although there is a fast food chain with Gene Hackman’s detective character from the movie French clutch v logo is mainly known for its fried chicken pieces, which it serves in sandwiches and separately, it also offers classic fries, mashed potatoes, salads or coated biscuits. Sugary drinks are an obvious addition. It will probably compete most with KFC, which offers a similar range, but with different tastes.

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How they state Economic newspaper, the company Rex Concepts CEE, which has strong know-how in the field, will bring Popeyes to the domestic market in the role of main franchisee. The company belongs to the investment holding McWin, which is behind Henry McGovern. He is known around the world as the founder and former longtime head of the Spanish company AmRest, which brought brands such as KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Starbucks to Central Europe.

However, Rex Concepts CEE already has a franchise license for Burger King as of this year, so in the next ten years it plans to build up to six hundred branches of the aforementioned creators of the legendary Whopper burger, as well as Popeyes, throughout Central Europe. This expansion in Central and Eastern Europe is also acknowledged by the Canadian gastronomic company Restaurant Brands International (RBI), which owns both brands.

Whether the entry of Popeyes into the Czech Republic can, among other things, pave the way for other well-known fast food companies that operate primarily in America (for example Five Guys, Arby’s or In-N-Out Burger) is a question. But how for Economic newspaper further says Jan Gonda, director of the Czech Franchising Association, it will not be easy for them also due to financial reasons.

“Expansion in the Czech Republic is not easy. The financial and other requirements for a franchisee are the same as in other countries in Europe, only the purchasing power of the population, the size of the market and the capital possibilities of companies are limited here. The Czech market does not have as many large cities compared to the surrounding markets, so the return on such investments is slow,” adds Gonda, noting that we currently have more than 350 franchise networks.

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