New footage shows the hole in the Estonia wreck more clearly

The footage from the Swedish Accident Investigation Board’s dives this summer shows more details about the damage than has been known so far. Pieces of the steel structure appear to have been torn up from the inside, Swedish Radio reports.

– It looks more ruined than I expected. And it looks like the plate has been folded outwards, says Anders Ulfvarson, professor of shipbuilding technology at Chalmers University of Technology.

The hole was first revealed in the Discovery documentary “Estonia – the find that changes everything” last year.

Swedish Radio writes that the steel in certain places by the hole is black and bent, and that in some places it looks almost burnt out.

Ulfvarson believes it may be about so-called grave rust. But more analyzes are needed, he believes.

– Everyone who looks at this, sees that it is very ruined. This can lead to speculation. But it is better to wait until you get additional information about what these records have gone through. If you were to guess that it has something to do with pyrotechnics, then it will be revealed by metallographers, he says.

Previously, it has been speculated whether the hole occurred when the ship hit the seabed. The AIBN confirmed this summer that there was rock and solid bottom near the vessel.

Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea on the night of September 28, 1994, on its way from Tallinn in Estonia to Stockholm. 852 people lost their lives.


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