New games for the PlayStation 5 will be 20% more expensive, but for Sony “it is justified”

The price increase in games is one of the issues that has most restless fans of PlayStation 5, and more if they are from Argentina. Despite the fact that many developers have already confirmed the increase in price for the new generation of consoles, now Sony has announced to declare that this increase is justified and worth it.

Today, Sony is conspicuous by its absence in Argentina with regional prices, unlike Microsoft for its Series X / S and Xbox Game Pass consoles, or Steam, who offer prices in Argentine pesos and at a more favorable exchange rate for local players.

The problem that this entails is that currently the new games for PlayStation 5 will cost $ 70 dollars in the United States, something like $ 9,500 Argentine pesos. If we add the taxes to this, the value could range from $ 12,000, and we are talking about a digital game, so the physical versions could be set at around $ 15,000 pesos.

For Sony it is justified

In an interview with the Korean outlet Naver, Jim Ryan addressed this saying that the price is justified on its own:

“It is difficult to talk about the market in general or the other consoles, but I think the value is obvious in the case of PS5, we are going to excite fans around the world with the best exclusive games on the market, and offer a true next-gen experience on our console that will captivate them, ”said Ryan.

In other words, the CEO says that the higher the price, but the better the quality; And perhaps he is right, but the only thing we hope is that Sony thinks about the reality facing not only Argentina, but most of the countries in the region.

If Microsoft and Steam can maintain their business with regional prices, what is Sony’s excuse?

Source: 3dGames

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