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New hospital in Cifco starts operations with 86 employees of the San Rafael | News of The Savior

Health personnel will be transferred to the Hospital of El Salvador, there are doctors and nurses in the service of the Intensive Care Unit.

A total of 86 health care staff of the hospital San Rafael you will be transferred to the new Hospital El Salvador, as part of the staff that will be incorporated into medical care against the COVID-19, assured said Yeerles Ramirez, director of the hospital tecleño.

Ramirez said that “it’s going to move a multi-disciplinary team of around 80 to 85 resources among doctors, specialists, medical uciólogos, cardiologists, surgeons and other specialties that are important for teams to have some degree of functionality. As what we have had up to this time.”

The director of the San Rafael, one of the main of which more demand of Health services for the sector, paracentral and Western regions of the territory, is administered by Yeerles Ramirez, who is physician affiliated to the party of New Ideas and he criticized the deputies for not giving the powers that the Executive has requested to combat the pandemic.

Yeerles Ramirez, director of the Hospital San Rafael, is a doctor affiliated to the party of New Ideas. In the picture appears to follow. Photo EDH / File

The official accounts in social networks, the Government’s claim that the Hospital El Salvador you will have more than 200 employees, between medical and administrative staff.

“The first patients with COVID19SV they arrive at the Hospital El Salvador, where they will be cared for, in principle, for a few 240 health workersbetween doctors, nurses and administrative staff”, he announced the tweet from the Press Secretary of the Presidency.

√ VIEW: Time of the transfer of the first patients with COVID-19 at Hospital El Salvador

Through his official Twitter account of the hospital El Salvador, announced the first three income of patients from the hospital San Rafael. While the account of the Ministry of Health reported 11 patients transferred.

Journalists of The Newspaper Today noted on Wednesday in the place of the entry of four patients who came in by ambulance and one that was transferred in a particular vehicle.

The San Rafael it was designated as a hospital COVID-19 in the framework of this pandemic; then followed the Hospital Amatepecof Social Security; and National General Hospital of Pulmonology and Family Medicine “Dr. José Antonio Saldaña”, located on the road from Los planes de Renderos.

This death occurred while waiting for the transfer of patients to The Hospital in Salvador, from San Rafael. Photo EDH/ Jessica Orellana

Ramirez admitted that the San Rafael hospital is already stretched at its capacity and that “to this moment, in the hospital we are already saturated with this pandemic”.

In the San Rafael hospital there are 127 people entered by the disease, in addition it has been given high 218 who have had COVID-19.

Hospital with less doctors

Ramirez explained that the patients of this hospital will be relocated to the new facilities of the hospital San Rafael and stated that the hospital will continue to operate and will give care to patients with other endemic diseases that circulate in the country, such as dengue fever.

Also, will provide care of accidents of the trauma and maternity service which was left to receive for addressing the pandemic, however not specific on that date they would then begin.

In ADDITION: This is the profile that must have the director of the new hospital in Cifco, according to medical experts

In terms of the functions of the San Rafael and the transfer of staff to the new hospital, this you will be working with deficiencies.

It will be marked as currently works poorly with 320 medical, among them some in training.

Of every 10 physicians assigned in the hospital San Rafael, 4 are students, according to a publication of the Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas (UCA).

The document details that in San Rafael each doctor attends to 21 patients. They add that the greater part of the burden of care in patients rests with the medical interns and social year.

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The number of Health resource assigned to the Intensive Care Unit are 86 people, in which attention is given to patients with state of health delicate that require hospitalization, to make the management of medicines, medical supplies and other materials.

The figure coincides with the same number of staff that will be transferred to the new hospital. The Journal of Today consulted the Communications Unit of the hospital to find out how much staff is allocated to that area, but at the close of this note, there was no response.

With the handling of the pandemic, the rooms ICU are centralized in San Salvador.



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