New jump for gold prices in Egypt .. And the ram aries of 10 pounds in U … Masrawy


01:37 PM

Thursday, January 31, 2019

I wrote – Sherine Salah:

Gold prices in Egypt rose 6 pounds per gram during Thursday's trading compared to Wednesday's level, which was affected by yesterday's rising international prices, said the Secretary-General of the Najib Club of the Gold of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Lamasrawi.

Najib said the price of one gram of 21 gauge gold was around 651 pounds during the day compared to 645 pounds.

The price of one gram of 18 carat gold today is 558 pounds, the price of gold 24 grams gold records 744 pounds, and the pound sterling gold 5208 pounds.

Local gold prices rose 4 pounds per gram yesterday, increasing the price of the gram by about 10 pounds in two days.

Globally, gold prices remained steady on Thursday near the eight-month high of the previous session, when the dollar weakened after the Federal Reserve suspended its tightening monetary policy session while the metal aimed at its fourth consecutive monthly gain. .

Spot gold stood at $ 1319.54 an ounce by 6:53 GMT. The price of metal rose to the highest level from May 11 to $ 1323.34 Wednesday.

The spot price of gold rose 2.8% from the start of the month, according to Reuters.



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