New leak about “iPhone 13” .. This will be the speed of its shipment!

iPhone fans are waiting for any leak about the new phone.iPhone 13″ On the cusp of fire, it is scheduled to be officially announced next September.

A report issued by the Chinese “MyDrivers” website and transmitted by “GSMARENA” indicated that the American company “Apple” may increase the wired battery charging speeds for some iPhone 13 models to the highest current of 25 watts.

25 watts

The site also pointed out that the 18-watt charger is no longer produced by Apple, while the 25-watt charger will cost a little more than its 20-watt charger, and its price in the US market is $20.

And if the latest leak is true, this means that all those wishing to take advantage of the high charging speeds must buy a new charger, because “Apple” no longer provides chargers in its phone cases.

iPhone (iStock)

Previous reports had indicated that the “iPhone 1S3” may also feature faster wireless charging, which currently reaches 15 watts using a “MagSafe” charger.

It is noteworthy that the most prominent leaks that accompanied the new “iPhone 13” phone is that it will have a data storage capacity of up to 1 terabyte, and it may also contain a larger camera box from the back.

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