New Mazda3 safety rating sets record for occupant protection


A $ 30,000 hatchback has proved safer than $ 100,000-plus luxury cars in the latest round of independent crash tests.

The new Mazda3 beat a record score for front occupant previously held Volvo's XC60, earning an impressive 37.5 points out of a possible 38.

Australasian New Car Assessment Program chief executive James Goodwin says, "The physical protection offered by the popular-selling Mazda 3 was excellent, a high score scoring 98 per cent for Adult Occupant Protection."

The price range for every model in the Mazda3, which starts at $ 24,990 plus on-road costs. Every Mazda3 gets full complement of seven airbags along with potential technology such as autonomous emergency braking in forward and reverse gears, plus a head-up display system with speed limit recognition, blind spot monitoring and active cruise control.

Mazda's machine outperformed luxury SUVs that cost four times its price, including the $ 112,990 BMW X5, and $ 123,814 Jaguar I-Pace which received scores of 89 per cent and 91 per cent.

The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class priced from $ 42.300 is one of the safest hatchbacks on the road, but its 96 for cent score can´t quite match the new 3.

Mazda Australia managing director Vinesh Bhindi says strong Mazda3 uses high-strength steel and specially designed seats to score.

"Safety at the forefront of Mazda's approach to vehicle design; "he said."

Results include the Lexus UX, Volkswagen Touareg, Range Rover Evoque and Toyota RAV4.

A faulty airbag which did not fire correctly the RAV4 a chance of matching the Mazda3.

The results accompany a significant milestone for ANCAP. The Australian-based service has European crash data for 20 years to broaden the results it offers to consumers.

Europe’s EuroNCAP body adopted Australian crash data for the first time this week in its five-star rating of the latest

"Our Organizations share a common goal to provide consumers with the safest cars possible, and our common protocols encourage vehicle brands to bring the safest cars to both markets," Goodwin said.

The Corolla scored an impressive 95 for cent for adult occupant protection.




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