The agglomerations presented on the last holiday bridge of Columbus Day in the Puerto Colombia beaches forced the municipal administration to take additional measures for the proper functioning of tourist sites, as established by the norm.

Under this argument, the Mayor’s Office issued Decree 277 of October 15 that establishes new rules for the entry of tourists to the coastal municipality.

Within the guidelines, Mayor Willman Vargas announced the setting up of three checkpoints at the entrances to the municipality, that is to say, in the Y of the Chinese, highway to the sea and the way of the manatees.

Too 11 checkpoints will be located at the access points to the beach areas.

“We will have 500 parking areas, we will reinforce in strategic points of the municipality capacity verification and use of face masks inside vehicles, The idea is to continue working together to reinforce the measures and prevent situations like those of last weekend from arising again, ”said the president.


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