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With “Easy On Me” Adele shows her strong side: An elegant ballad, tailor-made for the British vocal wonder.

Can you expect anything other than an Adele who shows herself at her best? Anything else would have been a disappointment. The 33-year-old is one of the most successful singers today, has sold over 100 million records and her trophy cabinet is richly stocked – including Grammys and an Oscar.

It was foreseeable that her first new musical sign of life after 6 years was not only announced perfectly staged bit by bit, but also perfect: A good week ago, the British woman posted the intro to the music video on Instagram, which has so far been clicked well over 17 million times. And a few days ago she gave her fans a little more: in a live Instagram chat, she played a piece of “Easy On Me” to her fans.

Despite the sub-optimal quality, it was a little treat for the ear that gave a hint that a typical Adele single was on its way. Somewhat wistful, touching and pleasantly triggering goose bumps.

The single can now be heard in full since today, Friday, October 15, 2021. That makes it official: “Easy On Me” shows Adele in top form. A track with a sound dress that envelops your voice in a tailor-made manner, with a video that perfectly stages the text. It didn’t take long last night and the video had over a million clicks, and by 6 a.m. in the morning it was already well over 8 million views. And at the premiere last night, writes the BBC, 299,000 were there live on youtube.

She did it again. Adele makes the world cry.

Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ puts fans in a ‘perfect storm of emotions’

The new single sounds like you know Adele. Emotional, strong, authentic.

“Easy On Me” – the perfect introduction to the new album

Adele didn’t just turn the single release into an event beforehand. Together with fans and celebrities like Jimmy Fallon from the “Tonight Show”, the party is already starting – five weeks before the new album “30” will see the light of day on November 19, 2021. It was to be assumed that the album would be called “30”. As with her previous albums “19”, “21” and “25”, the thirty stands for the year she started working on it.

“30” was not an easy year for Adele

At 30, after the wedding, Adele separated from her husband Simon Konecki, the father of her son Angelo (9). She said on social media that the album was made during the most turbulent time of her life. Like a friend and savior, it helped her through difficult times. So now she is ready and comes back from the ashes like a phoenix.

Talked about it in detail, the singer has already been in the editions of “Vogue” USA and UK. In the first interviews in five years she revealed among other things: “I have the feeling that this album is self-destruction, then self-reflection and then a kind of self-redemption.”

“Vogue” reporter Giles Hattersley is also one of the first to describe the new songs. Adele played a few for him. He is enthusiastic and says: The range of the new album is more varied, you experience Adele as a singer / songwriter than – as he writes – “midnight chanteuse” and he has also made a chill sound that you can hear on the Balearic Islands at sunset.

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