New NASA offer: How to send your name to Mars


BIf humans land on Mars, it could take a few more years – but at least everyone can send their name to the red planet.

On a website of the US space agency NASA you can enter first and last names and then get a kind of virtual "boarding pass". The names are stored on a microchip, which is scheduled to launch in July 2020 with NASA's next Mars rover, the US space agency said in the night of Wednesday.

The rover is said to land on Mars in February 2021 and investigate the planet with scientific instruments. From this scientists hope new information about the formation of the planet and also the earth. Nasa's "InSight" robot, which landed on Mars in November, already had more than two million names in its luggage.

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The seismometer had been dropped on the surface of Mars by the Insight probe in December

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