New Papers | Eduardo Duhalde: “Alberto Fernández is groggy”

Former president Eduardo Duhalde considered today that President Alberto Fernández “is groggy, ‘he did not answer'” and affirmed that the Government “does not understand that governance in crisis is absolutely different from normal or quasi-normal times.”

“My impression is that the President is groggy, he is ‘no answer’, as (Fernando) De la Rúa was at one time, as (Eduardo) Duhalde was when he governed. The most benign explanation is that,” said the former head of State, using a boxing metaphor when a fighter does not respond due to the opponent’s blows.

In dialogue with Someone Has to Say It, the program that Nelson Castro led on Radio Rivadavia this day, the former Buenos Aires governor stressed that “power is decision-making” and regretted the economic measures adopted by the Government in recent days.

“Nothing surprises me. It is a government that does not understand, that does not know that governance in crisis is absolutely different from normal or quasi-normal times. They have never understood it: that is why they start with 22 ministries,” said Duhalde.

The former president said that Alberto Fernández “entrusted him with the issue of voting on the transparency or anti-corruption laws and proposed (the secretary for Strategic Affairs, Gustavo) Béliz as the government’s counterpart.”

“I spoke with all sectors. We discussed it (with the President) and we decided to do it. I went to see it with prominent people from the Law. But later they forget, they do not answer.

It is an essential issue. Eighty percent of Latin American countries are eaten away by corruption: where you touch, pus comes out, “he complained.

Likewise, the former senator questioned the decision of the upper house to reject the transfers of judges Leopoldo Bruglia, Pablo Bertuzzi and Germán Castelli: “If you disperse your energy trying to fix ten issues at the same time, you don’t end up fixing any. The crisis it demands another type of governance, of decisions. But they do not understand that, and everyone is installed in the past, in a comfort zone and they do not realize that they are chosen to see if we can work towards the future. ” (NA)

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