New pixel-adventure “Being the Past” releases new promotional video Searching for a missing high-society girl at the bottom of a dystopia “Let Bions Be Bygones”

Indie game team Bohemian Pulp Indie LIVE Expo 2023 released the new work “become a thing of the past(Temporary translation, original name: Let Bions Be Bygones)” new promotional video, the game has not yet confirmed the release date.

become a thing of the pastis a pixel-adventure game in which the player follows the protagonist as he searches for a missing girl on the dystopian urban planet Terrahive. Players will be able to choose their own path in this dark futuristic game world.

Players will come to “Terrahive”, a planet that should not exist, which is completely covered by a disease called “humanity”. Layers of corporate buildings and space elevators shade the polluted man-made structures. Driven by greed, corruption, progress and immortality are watched. Retired hard-nosed detective John Cooper, who has lost everything, takes on his final case, searching for a missing high society girl at the bottom of the planet.

In the game, players will be able to create their own stories through choices, and develop the character’s personality through different opinions. There are no wrong choices, only “consequences”, different endings that players can unlock. The official stated that the game has no time limit, players can relax and enjoy the story in this work, explore more than 20 unique locations, meet more than 50 characters, unlock more than 5 endings, etc.

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2023-05-22 09:18:26

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