New poster of ‘Chattambhi’ omits Srinath Bhasi

Actor Srinath Bhasi, who was in controversy after insulting the anchor, has been omitted from the new poster of the movie ‘Chattambi’. Srinath Bhasi is the hero in the film which released on September 23. The film is getting rave reviews. Even before the release, Srinath Bhasi was involved in controversy. Following the complaint of the anchor, he was arrested and released on bail.

Abhilash S., associate of Ashiq Abu and author of 22 Female Kottayam, Da Thadiya and Gangster. Chattambi is Kumar’s first directorial film. Alex Joseph, who is also the cinematographer of the film, has scripted the story of Don Palathara. The film is produced by Asif Yogi under the banner of Art Beat Studio. Chemban Vinod, Guru Somasundaram, Binu Pappu, Grace Antony, Maithili and others play the lead roles in the film, which tells the story of a rural Chattambi in the backdrop of Idukki in the 1990s.

At the same time, the producers’ association had asked Srinath Bhasi for an explanation today. The organization has decided to temporarily ban the actor. The producers’ association responded that Srinath Bhasi admitted that he had made a mistake and said that he would not repeat it again, but action is being taken. He will be asked to step aside after completing the films he is currently acting in.

Punishment measures should be taken to correct a person for admitting wrongdoing. It has been said that there will never be another. Moreover, there is another good deed from his side. To the knowledge of all actors. Many have a tendency to charge more than the contract they are given in the producer association. There was one such complaint about Srinath Bhasi. He promised to return the extra money. He said that the mistake was due to some personal reasons. Not much of it is said here. For that reason we ask you to stay away for a while. Producer Ranjith Rajputra said that the organization will not interfere in the matters of the case.

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