Hans Dieter Flick Hansi, Bayern Muenchen coach with Manuel NEUER goalkeeper FC Bayern Muenchen, FC Bayern Muenchen training on Saebener Strasse. Football 1. Bundesliga, season 2019/2020, on January 17, 2020. *** Hans Dieter Flick Hansi, Coach Bayern Muenchen with Manuel NEW Goalkeeper FC Bayern Muenchen, FC Bayern Muenchen Training at Saebener Strasse Fussball 1 Bundesliga, Season 2019 2020, on 17 01 2020

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has praised Bayern coach Hansi Flick in the highest tones.

“He played with us very bravely and aggressively right from the start,” said the 34-year-old in the leadership talk of the DFB Academy: “Of course we like that. We are a very dominant team that would like to take the reins. We have been pleased with this from the start. He tries to take every single player forward. ”

The captain of the German champion particularly appreciates Flick’s communication with the players. “He is very direct, open and honest. He is a very personable guy who can be told anything and who also says everything openly. He can also say something from time to time. He is a friendly, nice and at the same time authoritarian personality, ”said the 92-time German international.

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Flick: “New clearly number 1”

The good relationship with Flick could also play a decisive role in the recently stalled negotiations to extend Neuer’s contract. Despite the commitment of Alexander Nübel, the coach once again emphasized in the Thursday edition of the kicker, “that Manuel Neuer is clearly our number 1, nothing will change in the coming season.”

Newer contract ends in 2021, talks about an extension are ongoing. The keeper had recently been “irritated” in the discussion about his contractual talks with Bayern that certain content of the conversation had been made public.

Flick is counting on new ones: “Definitely our number 1”



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