New protest by civil society against the amnesty in Madrid: "Nobody voted for Sánchez for such destruction"

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The Madrid Plaza de Cibeles It will be this Saturday from 12.00 hours the scene of a new protest against Pedro Sánchez’s concessions to the pro-independence parties in exchange for the votes necessary for his investiture. Under the motto Not in my name: neither amnesty, nor self-determination. For freedom, unity and equality!more than a hundred associations and civil society organizations have called on voters “on the left, center or right” to “postpone their ideological differences” and unite in the defense of the Constitution.

The names of the Portuguese MEP appear on the list of people who will take part in the event. Paulo RangelThe teacher Felix Ovejerothe writers Andrés Trapiello, Conchita Martin y Albert Boadellathe Venezuelan journalist Miguel Henrique Oterothe president of It’s Over!, Julia Calvetand the philosopher Fernando Savaterinforma Europa Press. The mobilization will also have the assistance of the leaders of PP and Vox, Alberto Núñez Feijóo y Santiago Abascal.

“It is important to go to demonstrate once again that Spain is not going to surrender to the criminal behavior of Sánchez, whom no one voted for such destruction; even more so after what we saw and heard in the debate about his pathetic investmentwhere it was revealed that their own partners They don’t trust him and openly demand that he say what he has agreed with them,” he argues. Inma Castilla de Cortázarvice president of Foro Libertad y Alternativa -one of the organizing organizations-, alluding to the holding of a self-determination referendum in Catalonia.

In the manifesto agreed by the promoters of the concentration in Madrid, it is censured that the recently re-elected president, “in close alliance with the declared enemies of the Nation and within a constitutional project, is preparing to approve laws that cannot fit into the Norm.” “Fundamental in exchange for staying in power.” After the pacts signed by the PSOE with ERC and Junts, they consider that in Spain now “there is a transition from the now unusual pardon to those responsible for the coup d’état in Catalonia”, with the granting of pardons to those convicted of the illegal 1-O consultation“to the overwhelming political and legal legitimation of his actions.”

“The amnesty, whose unconstitutionality was maintained until a few months ago by the same people who now shamelessly use it to obtain an investiture that is born corrupt, is not only contrary to our Constitution, which it clearly is. It is not only a profound immorality that considers well the story of the secessionists who perpetrated the fall 2017 coup d’état and outrages those who loyally defended the rule of law. It is not only an inequity that ends the equality of Spaniards and the division of powers and places the politicians who hold power above the law, which it also is,” they explain.

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