New PS5 stock spotted at

Usually releases a PS5 on Wednesday and many users were surprised this morning to see that had a short new stock live. The web page is currently indicating that the complete stock is sold out. This means that the new stock that was spotted last weekend seems to be completely sold out.

Tweakers user DeathNL already reported new PS5 stock at In a warehouse of the giant, the user had seen a large load of pallets with all PS5 consoles on them. He took a picture and shared this on the Tweakers forum.

Uncertainty surrounding new PS5 stock

It was assumed that the new PS5 drop would take place on a Wednesday. This is the day usually makes their new PlayStation 5 stock available to users. Between 7.30 and 8.00 hours it often hits the spot, but this time surprises by unloading the licorice a day earlier. Whether more stock will appear later this week remains to be seen.

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