New references to Crysis 4 development discovered in leak

Among the desirable projects by Crytek, many from the Xbox community are waiting for the Ryse license to return. However, for a few weeks there has been speculation with new titles for the Crysis license. In fact, it seems that for a long time the developer has been planning a battle royale that would respond to the name of Crysis Next. However, a new leak would have exposed new references to the development of Crysis 4.

But in that document there are many unknowns to be solved, because at first it seems to be a project that had been developing since 2017. However, throughout the different discoveries, the project that would emerge, like Crysis HD, hopened been canceled. In a sequence of tweets, which we have come across in gadgetgang, the insider wellgamer789, would show that this project has come and gone many times.

It could even be said that this project has been recovered to try to develop a totally renewed game with the latest technology. This is where it is pointed out that this project is the same project as later it would have become Crysis Next, which is the Battle Royale that was exposed days ago. This conclusion arises when the project that would be related to Crysis 4After its first cancellation, it would have been resumed in 2019. Already at that time, this project would have been linked to the development of what would be the battle royale Crysis Next, where the new generation of consoles would have been approached.

Be that as it may, speculation seems open the door for Crysis Next is a branch of the main saga, which could also have a hole in Crytek’s agenda. Hence, the doubts about whether the projects have been merged or are kept separately, even if they would consider applying formulas that allow access to a game that would continue with the remastered trilogy, as well as supporting multiplayer with a battle royale. , could be open.

Formulas like the one you have followed Activision with Call of Duty and Warzone, formulas like the one Respawn Entertainment has used with Titanfall y Apex Legends, are open right now for Crysis. Theories about what Crytek may be scheming to surprise again with the quality of its graphics engine and new hardware technologies, it would allow the return of Crysis as an ambitious license seeking the crown of visual quality. With so much buzz, it seems obvious to think that it would be more conducive, and desirable on our part, to consider the sequel to Ryse.

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